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Stop that Bounce
Many people question why the need to wear a sports bra, when exercising it has been proven that there is an excessive amount of movement to the breast tissue, therefore when exercising without support this puts strain on these ligaments and can cause them to stretch. In time this will then cause the bust to sag. Tests showed that breast movement is reduced by 35% when wearing an ordinary bra, but this rises to 74% with a sports bra.
Shock absorber sports bras cater for all ages, shapes and sizes, and there really is something for everyone. Their sizing is A - G cup, and 4 impact levels, depending how much support you need. Whether you are playing tennis, badminton, skiing or aerobics they have the correct bra to suit you.

It is important that you have the correct impact level, in order to support the bust correctly for different sports. For example when playing high impact sports like badminton  and aerobics these would need a level 4 sports bra, which really reduces the movement of the bust. For low impact sports like yoga or pilates we would recommend a level 2 or 3 depending on the bust size. 

Shock absorber have also just introduced a new padded sports bra for all those of us that need a bit more help!

Due to our many years of experience we have singled out the Berlei Shock absorber as the leading brand for sports bras, and are pleased to recommend it.